TVOT Special Edition: OTT

Why Your OTT Technology Is Painting You Into A Corner, And What To Do About It

The last year has seen a dramatic expansion in the opportunities for service provides to grow their business and distribute and monetize their content in new ways. Unfortunately, in many cases, the lack of scalability and flexibility in their OTT technology platforms has held them back from taking full advantage.

This panel features executives who are creating next-generation ecosystems that are advancing the science of OTT technology. The panel will discuss: a) how dramatic increases in subscribers and viewing have exposed previously undiscovered architectural issues; b) why business needs often cannot be met by legacy platforms; c) the evolution of cloud-based, modular architectures that are reducing time-to-market for standing up new services and features; and d) the business benefits that can accrue to the industry.

Panelists—who will be available following the session for a Zoom-based discussion with attendees who desire a deeper dive—include:

Colin Dixon, Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia (Moderator)

Paolo Cuttorelli, VP/GM, APAC, Evergent

Juan Martin, Co-Founder and CTO, Firstlight Media

How the Advent of Gen V Platforms Will Help OTT Spell ROI

Although OTT viewing increased significantly in 2020, growth for many aspirational Tier 1 services was really a “false positive” fueled by the low-hanging fruit of pandemic viewing: it looked good when measured against internal business plans, but will not be enough to win in the long term.

To truly build on the gains of the past year, those services need new platform capabilities and business strategies that will enable them to reach beyond their core audiences and capture—and monetize—new viewers.

In this sequel to the TVOT SPECIAL EDITION Day One Technology Panel, a cross-section of experts from the content and business-enablement sectors will a) discuss what new capabilities are necessary to woo and win secondary and tertiary audiences; b) examine how next-generation (Gen V) platforms are unlocking new data capabilities, personalization strategies and and other features; and c) offer insights into how these platforms can drive monetization and maximization of long-term consumer value in the years ahead.

Panelists—who again will be available following the session for a Zoom-based discussion with attendees who desire a deeper dive—include:

André Christensen, Founder and CEO, Firstlight Media

Lauren DeVillier, Co-Founder, Struum

Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, ITVT (Moderator)