Firstlight Media’s cloud-native platform is built on the most advanced OTT architecture. We enable Tier 1 customers and content providers across the globe to get to market in record time and with unparalleled performance, agility, scalability, flexibility, and TCO.

We offer an end-to-end solution with focus on user engagement and monetization.

Our Gen5 architecture capitalizes on the latest innovations in cloud technologies to power transformative OTT services. A powerful Video Pipeline, a versatile Video Management System, cross-platform User Experiences, and rich Data Strategies help services stay ahead and be successful in the fast-changing OTT environment.

Video Pipeline

Our robust video pipeline is built to handle high volumes of content and the advanced functionality required to succeed in today’s increasingly complex media landscape.

Live channels

processed with AI software-based encoders in the cloud, support high-concurrency live events, and provide advanced features like blackouts, dynamic ads, and cDVR


(VOD) custom ingestion workflows that can handle massive catalogs in minutes, not hours

Video CMS

Using human curation, best-in-class recommendations and personalization, and an orchestration layer for third-party services, our industry-leading CMS connects audiences and content to drive user engagement:


that ensures content availability, handles metadata for content curation and defines business rules for distribution


to create editorial or personalized carousels, dynamically target different user segments, devices, or regions, and experiment with A/B testing to maximize engagement

User management

to ensure only authorized users have access to content, define subscription packages, and handle billing and payments with confidence

User Experience

We enable our customers to deliver engaging user experiences by combining low latency broadcast-quality streaming with the power of user interactivity and social engagement.

Interactive video player

with advanced features, such as synchronized multi-camera feeds, interactive graphics, and real-time metadata, plus engagement metrics and application performance tracking

Multi-screen development framework

with ready to to deploy apps for all major platforms, including mobile, web, connected TV, SmarTVs, and game consoles, based on a client library designed for cross-platform development

Data Science

Firstlight Media helps OTT providers leverage rich analytics to decode consumption patterns, drive engagement, increase revenues, and improve service performance with state-of-the-art data science.

Powerful analytics

enable providers to decode consumption and fine tune engagement via evaluation of content performance, identification of cohorts of users with similar behavior, and experimentation with A/B testing

Rich insights

into subscriber behavior fuel increased revenues by driving subscriber growth, managing conversion and churn, and increasing marketing campaign effectiveness

360-degree customer experiences

enrich user engagement by enabling beyond-video features such as in-game betting, personalized video feeds, recommendations, and predictive search

AI-assisted tools

– including monitoring and troubleshooting, smart content processing, network monitoring and CDN routing – improve service performance, ensure service availability, and optimize video distribution