Gen5 Architecture

Faster time to market and
lower Total Cost of Ownership

Why It Matters

Since the introduction of cross-platform viewing, video architectures have evolved from monolithic TV Everywhere implementations to hybrid cloud platforms with virtualized infrastructure. Firstlight Media is spearheading a next-generation architecture – Gen5 – that is designed to build and run scalable applications in the cloud.

Gen5 harnesses the power of cloud-native technologies, including containers, microservices, a service mesh, APIs, and immutable infrastructure. The technology stack provides significantly better performance, a modular approach for feature expansion, continuous delivery for rapid iteration, and built-in scalability, observability and security. Gen5 is a future-proof strategy that meets the demands of high concurrency, low latency, and resiliency expected of OTT video, while optimizing cloud infrastructure spend.

Gen5 delivers 40% + savings over legacy architecture

Development Effort

M/S Library
50% Less Effort

Maintenance Effort

40% Less Effort

Cloud Speed

10X Faster
40% Faster

3rd Party Speed

Open Source
25% Faster

Transformation Speed

Future Proof
50% Faster

Gen5 offers breakthrough
in five key areas

High Performance

The Gen5 architecture is designed to deliver maximum operational speed and efficiency. For example, microservices, a core feature of Gen5, can perform up to 10X faster in a cloud-native environment.


Instead of a monolithic architecture, Gen5 makes available a library of ready-made extensions with the latest features (e.g., subscriber management system) and quickstarts for custom integrations.


CI/CD pipelines and deployment automation are the foundations for turnkey solutions that replace long upgrade cycles with continuous delivery, which enables innovation through rapid iteration.

At scale

The migration of live telecasts to OTT requires platforms that can support high-concurrency events. Gen5 is designed to sustain high loads, provide redundancy, and remain fail-proof, even in the most challenging conditions.


Gen5 significantly improves the economics of building, operating and maintaining streaming platforms. In most cases, costs and effort required for launch and ongoing operations can be slashed by 40% or more.

Architected for Future Success

Gen4 Attributes

Gen5 Attributes

Business Model

Multi-screen D2C IPTV/OTT

Personalized TV, OTT, apps, IoT devices, gaming, etc.


Multi-screen D2C IPTV/OTT

Serverless, cloud agnostic


Microservices (Java)

Cloud-native, microservices, open architecture



Low-latency LL-DASH, LL-HLS, CMAF

Operating Model

Hybrid, partial automation, agile

Fully-automated DevOps, CI/CD pipeline


On-demand custom integrations

Extensible architecture, pre-integrated with best of breed services and infrastructure/CDN

Gen5 Tech Foundations