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How Sports Betting
Will Change OTT

Big changes are coming to video delivery, viewing and monetization. Are you ready?


The Next OTT Challenge:
Building on Viewership Gains

Tips to keep sub growth high as we emerge from the pandemic


Hockey TV Your Way

Personalization is changing how we watch the game


Taking Struum
from 0 to 50

We’re helping OTT’s hottest new service hit the gas with content partners


Five Facts About

Cloud-native or cloud-compatible?


How to Win the
Analytics Game

How Rogers Sports & Media is reimagining – what else? – sports media. Read this take on Alfredo Tan’s insights from Stream TV Sports.


Firstlight Media is leading the way to next-generation OTT

Our global team of video innovators has created a cloud-native, future-proofed platform delivering quantum leaps in performance, modularity, flexibility and scale.

We empower Tier 1 providers to deliver best-in-class user experiences, engagement and monetization – all in record time.

Let’s tackle the future of OTT together.

How We Do It

Score big with viewers

Our CMS makes the right call every time

We speak your language

No buzzwords – just the facts

Stay ahead of the OTT Pack

Our platform makes your service out-perform the competition

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