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Rethinking OTT’s ‘front porch’

Creating FAST channels that deepen viewer engagement


We’re on Google Cloud 9

We’re thrilled to be Industry Solutions Partner of the Year for Media & Entertainment


Kudos for Cloud-Native

Microsoft recognition caps a big month for our platform


When FAST isn’t enough…

vLinear channels need better data and monetization. We’re getting that done.


Partnering with Google Cloud
for better OTT

We’re working together to make the cloud-native future better than ever


We’ve got aha covered

Tamil-language service launches on our cloud-native platform


Next stop, the Philippines!

We’re helping PLDT’s Smart transform mobile video services


A Blockbuster Outcome

Our cloud-native platform helped aha win rave reviews from “Bheemla Nayak” viewers


Firstlight Media is leading the way to next-generation OTT

Our global team of video innovators has created a cloud-native, future-proofed platform delivering quantum leaps in performance, modularity, flexibility and scale.

We empower Tier 1 providers to deliver best-in-class user experiences, engagement and monetization – all in record time.

Let’s tackle the future of OTT together.

How We Do It

Score big with viewers

Our CMS makes the right call every time

We speak your language

No buzzwords – just the facts

Stay ahead of the OTT Pack

Our platform makes your service out-perform the competition

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Our Partners


Firstlight Media
@Firstlight Media March 9, 2022

Love a good shoutout about our groundbreaking work with Rogers Sports & Media ‘s Sportsnet!!! Thanks to our partner Deltatre for the plug at SportsPro OTT USA.
#sportsmedia #ottusa22 #sportsbroadcasting #cloudnative

Firstlight Media
@Firstlight Media March 8, 2022

Look who we found at Sports Pro OTT Summit USA today! ESPN’s Burke Magnus and Brian Lockhart and Crakes Media’s Patrick Crakes are talking how to take sports broadcasting to the next level. Look for Ralf Jacob and Jennifer Alavathil to find out how Firstlight Media can help make that happen. #sportsmedia #sports #ottusa22

Firstlight Media
@Firstlight Media March 7, 2022

The leaders in the sports TV revolution will be at the Sports Pro OTT Summit tomorrow and Wednesday at New York’s Citi Field. It’s your chance to catch up with Ralf Jacob and Jennifer Alavathil to find out how Firstlight Media is transforming sports TV for Rogers Sports & Media ‘s Sportsnet and others. #sportsmedia #ottusa22 #sportsbroadcasting